The Next Big Thing in Indian Growing Obesity

Childhood obesity is on the rise. It is a big problem for a growing child in all aspects. It leads to excess intake of calories, fats, refined carbs, etc., it leads to body shaming by peers and low self-esteem and the child may fall prey to degenerative diseases in the future.

Many factors contribute to children’s increase in weight; including the diet to start with. Children unknowingly consume very high-calorie foods, such as baked goods and junk items in one sitting, which on obvious grounds causes them to be lethargic, tired, and less active for the rest of the day.

Easy and fast calories are consumed through foods like candies, desserts, packed juices, etc. so avoiding or limiting them will work in their favour.


Celebration or Punishment?

Many-a-times parents order food from outside or eat out regularly which introduces an array of foods to the kids. If this list of foods includes junk foods, then the kids get hooked on eating junk food early in life. Often parents celebrate the success or win of their child by going to a fast-food centre, so it creates an impression in the kid’s mind that such foods are a reward for him.

Parents should also take into consideration their eating habits which affect the likes and dislikes of the child the most. The habit of watching television or performing other tasks during eating time is to be avoided. The family as a whole should practice this and thus avoid obesity getting into their shoes.

Overall, as a parent one should set a good example for the children, like practising healthy eating, and picking fruits instead of ice creams or packaged foods. Offer different meal types and snacking options in their diet and whenever required. Do not make food-rewarding games a daily practice as it will add on to calories and lead to their habit formation.

Tips to prevent obesity

  • Encourage home-cooked food
  • Counsel the importance of healthy eating in kids
  • Set an example before the kid
  • Stack the pantry with healthy food options for all the family members
  • Fried, oily, junk is bad for everyone so avoid such foods as much as possible
  • Focus on behaviour change
  • Encourage the child to play outdoor sports
  • Practice early to bed and early rise for all



Lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle for a kid at such a young age will strictly be a no-no thus pushing this generation of kids to play on the ground and to perform exercise/activities like swimming, cycling is a must. The regulated and proper sleep cycle is a must and screen time should also be limited. To learn more about Snack hacks by a leading nutritionist, click on 7 Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids – Quick & Easy for easy solutions.

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