Parenting: ABCs Of Nutrition That Will Get Your Kids A Healthy Relationship With Food

There is no longer any dispute that a “balanced” and “nutritious” diet helps prevents disease, but what do those terms mean and how do we sort through the seemingly conflicting advice? It really is pretty simple. Are you interested in a healthy lifestyle for yourself as a parent and your kids? Well, you can relax because they all benefit from the same way of eating. Learn and recite these ABCs of nutrition in front of your kids and teach them to learn their healthy relationship with food.

A:        If God gave you APPETITE, he also taught you ADEQUACY

B:        Don’t think of BLAND foods remember to BLEND them

C:        Every CAUSE holds a CURE

D:        Keep DISEASES at bay follow DIET everyday

E:        Always remember EATING but never forget EXERCISE

F:        For every existing FAD search a hidden FACT

G:        Every GENESIS has a GENETIC composition

H:        Your HABITS decide your HEALTH

I:          No INFORMATION is useful without IMPLEMENTATION

J:         All JUNK foods must have a JUDICIOUS use.

K:        Each KILOCALORIE forms a KILOGRAM

L:         Every LABOUR should be followed by LEISURE

M:        Your MEDICINE lies in your MEAL

N:        Don’t say NEVER do it NOW

O:        Never suffer from OBESITY always OVERCOME it

P:        Don’t indulge in PRESCIBPTION think of PREVENTION

Q:        Instead of QUANTITY emphasize on QUALITY

R:        Every RESTRICTION should be followed by a RECOMMENDATION

S:        Why think of STARVATION in the era of SUPPLEMENTATION

T:        Base TRADITION while accepting TRANSITION

U:        Life is UNIVERSAL, but man is UNIQUE

V:        Enjoy VARIATION by being VEGETARIAN


X:        eXCESS of anything means eXTRA of everything

Y:        A YUMMY treat with YO YO repeat

Z:        Aim not for a ZERO but for a ZILLION


It’s easy for food to become a source of conflict. Well-intentioned parents might find themselves bargaining or bribing kids, so they eat the healthy food in front of them. A better strategy is to give kids some control but to also limit the kind of foods available at home. Make this new ABCs as a fun activity to learn and recite with your family while reaping its benefits at the fullest. If you wish to learn about growing obesity in India due to westernization straight from a leading nutritionist, you may click here The Next Big Thing in Indian Growing Obesity

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