Why Is Dental Check-Up Important in School Children? Learn Now

8 out of 10 children in India have oral health problems which require immediate action, according to the national study conducted by Kantar IMRB. Children suffer from cavities, bleeding gums, bad breath, and plaque accumulation on teeth. A school dental check-up camp facilitates the complete examination of dental problems in children by an expert dentist. It provides the opportunity to reverse the problems at right time as well as educate students about good oral hygiene habits for a lifetime.

Benefits of dental check-ups in school: Parents do not opt for regular dental check-ups unless the child complains of tooth pain. As a result, cavities or developing dental problems get neglected, and further, affect kids’ overall health as well as school performance. Let’s understand the advantages of oral screening in school children.

Prevention of dental problems: Healthy primary teeth lay the foundation for erupting permanent teeth. Oral examination help prevents cavity formation. It allows arresting progression of decay deeper into the teeth through appropriate dental treatment. It also helps to detect crowding, gum disease, and habits like tongue thrusting, mouth breathing, thumb sucking etc.

Dental education and awareness: Dental professionals can teach children the right method of brushing, flossing, reducing sugar intake as well as consuming a healthy diet etc. The school environment is ideal to instil healthy habits in children from a young age.

Less dental problems: Regular dental check-up ensures fewer oral health problems in kids. The dentist can catch the infection early and advise sealant placement in deep fissures of teeth, tooth fillings, cleaning, habit-breaking appliances and so on. These preventive measures reduce time and money on expensive and complicated dental treatment.

Overall health: Oral health is a mirror for your overall health. Poor mouth hygiene or neglected dental problems may further lead to severe pain, oral swelling, dental abscess, and fever in children. Missing teeth at an early age can cause speaking difficulty, eating problems etc.

Absenteeism: Studies show chronic dental problems lead to more missed school in children. Dental pain is severe and can cause headaches, earaches, and fever for several days. It can recur if not treated, therefore children might miss their school repeatedly. The regular dental examination makes sure to minimise absenteeism in children and improve their academic performance.

To summarise, parents and schools can work in tandem to improve dental health in school children. Periodic dental check-up yield increased oral health awareness and maintain optimal oral hygiene habits in school children.

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Meta Description: Here are the benefits of dental check-ups in school children.  Optimal oral health in children improves academic performance.

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