How To Boost Your Child’s Mental Wellbeing? Learn Now

On average, 50 million Indian children suffer from mental disorders at any point in time, and this number will increase if the adolescent population is considered as well, as per research in the Indian journal of psychiatry in 2019.

The pandemic has had a staggering impact on the mental well-being of kids. In children, the majority of mental health issues are undiagnosed and reluctant to seek help. The formative years are crucial for Childs social, mental, and emotional development. So, let’s learn effective techniques to boost a child’s mental well-being.

Common signs of stress in children:

  • Clinging to parents or caregivers than usual
  • Afraid of things
  • Becoming more irritable
  • Become inactive or hyperactive
  • Poor focus
  • Not talking or playing
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Restlessness etc

How can we improve the mental health of children?

  1. Play or sports: For small children playing is the best way to express themselves. Participating in games with kids helps parents to understand the child’s perspective.

Engaging kids in sports not only accelerate their physical growth but also reduce their stress levels. Channelizing kids’ energy in sports helps them build confidence.

While playing, kids try to express their emotions, as they are not able to put every feeling in words. Parents should indulge in playing with kids and create love and comfort which help in Child’s social-emotional development.


  1. Parents’nts behaviour: In the early days, parents are role models for kids. Children observe adults’ behaviour, on how to deal with emotions. or how to cope with stress? and take cues to manage their feelings. Learning to manage emotions is a key aspect of good mental health.

Parents should listen to their children carefully and acknowledge their emotions, and thoughts.

As adults, kids also feel overwhelmed, confused, worried, nervous, angry, depressed, sad, scared etc. Parents should teach them better coping techniques with complex emotions through modelling.


  1. Mental health check-up: Mental health of children matters. When kids show some sign of stress or anxiety, parents must consult the expert. In schools, mental assessments of students and mental health awareness and strategies for parents can significantly improve the kid’s mental well-being.

Every curriculum should include health education about the physical, mental, social, and emotional development of children.


  1. Relaxation techniques: In a fast-paced life, parents should teach children coping mechanisms to alleviate stress. Incorporating yoga, deep breathing, and meditation into everyday routine help in maintaining a sound body and sound mind.

Adequate 7 to 8 hours of sleep is vital to counteract stress. Balanced nutrition and physical activity play important roles in a healthy and happy lifestyle.


  1. Online safety: In a digitalised world, the safety of children is just not limited to the physical world. In a virtual environment, children ren may go through a bad experience, cyber bully which changes their life upside down.

Parents should be keen on cyber security, and internet privacy and take preventive measures to avoid negative impacts on child’s minds.

These are simple yet effective ways to boost a child’s mental well-being. To sum up, creating happy childhood on purpose is the best way to take care of a child’s mental health.

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